Wrapping up Easter Island

This last post shows us adventuring around the island in our great little Suzuki with moai as the main subject because CLEARLY they deserve it. The variation of moai were incredible and each one provoked a different sentiment. There are many theories of how the Rapa Nui people transported the moai, but I think we can say with confidence it wasn’t an easy job. You will see in the photos that we came across some that were randomly face down in the fields, appearing as if they had been dropped in transit – fascinating to see.

It’s hard verbalize my wonder and love for the island, but I can tell you that the natural features, wild horses, bumpy dirt roads and moai made me one zealouos woman. At one point I couldn’t contain my joy, so I hopped out of the car and danced a complete song while Nacho drove next to me chuckling (yes, there is a picture below). It was a raw moment of joy and symbolic of the trip as a whole.

Go to Rapa Nui! You won’t be sorry.


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