Beaches of Easter Island

There are only two white sand beaches on the island which are both majestic in their unique offerings. The main beach, Anakena, starts off with a large palm tree grove hosting picnic tables, benches, and a few food and gift booths. As you approach the beach the tropical vibe is in full effect hypnotizing you with the two-toned blue water contrasting against the white sand and lush backdrop. When you snap out of the trance and look around you see seven moai at the edge of the sand behind you – talk about taking it to the next level (there is another individual moai near the Ahu of seven, but was covered and being restored while we were there). We dedicated a day to relaxation at the beach after a few days of tiring exploration. We arrived around noon and literally nobody was there, granted we went in the low season (April), but it was not expected and pretty awesome to have the whole beach to ourselves for about twenty minutes. It is a great place to relax, swim, have a picnic, jump off the dock, or hike the trails stemming from the beach.

Ovahe is a beach near Anakena that is smaller and more desolate making it amazing in it’s own. To get to the beach you have to climb down a few large rocks, which makes it feel like you are about to discover a secret hidden gem. The beach is situated under a commanding volcanic cliff complete with a small cave cut into it. Climbing up to the cave and enjoying an incredible ocean view was our favorite part.


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