Exploring Caves of Easter Island

Turns out the caves on the island are incredible features. I suppose it’s not too surprising, but you just don’t hear about how extensive they are. Although we didn’t see them all, we still got a feel for the variations – some formed by tunnels of lava, some offered natural skylights, others were discreet with small openings in the middle of a meadow, and of course, the ocean view cliff caves. Also notable was coming across the remains of covered and collapsed entrances that my imagination told me were mysterious and grand inside.

Caves are a curious natural wonder as is, but it’s amazing to consider the history of how people have used them for survival and entertainment. The caves served various purposes for the Rapa Nui people such as: homes, hideouts from enemies, burials, protection from harsh weather, plantation sites for bananas, taro, uhi and sweet potatoes, family and tribe gatherings, as well as sacred ceremonies. Some of the caves on the island are used to this day for family getaways, how cool is that?

Our camera phones were struggling in the dark caves, so the picture quality isn’t the best, but we snapped a few decent ones.


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